SCHOOLMO | Next Generation School Management
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Storified User Experience

SchoolMo is designed to be intuitive for everyone; from administrator, to teacher, to student. It flows like a story and at every point, whether you are registering students or tracking performance, each screen paints a clear picture of just exactly what you are looking for.

Robust User Management

SchoolMo features a modern, role-based access control system that allows you manage at a granular level what user can access what data, allowing the school owner or administrator decide who gets access to what, with just a few clicks of a button. Now every single staff can use the system and only have access to only what concerns them.

Powerful Reporting

Generate and print mid-term, full-term and end of session report cards and broadsheets at the click of a button, for single or multiple classes, see attendance reports, performance reports, financial reports, inventory management reports, procurement reports e.t.c

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

SchoolMo securely stores all your school data on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your data is safe and accessible by you from anywhere in the world at anytime, for as long as you want. Our automated backups ensure that data loss is next to impossible.

Superior Analytics

SchoolMo uses cutting-edge proprietary algorithms to produce world-class analytics for its users. From tracking individual pupil progress and predicting performance across single or multiple subjects, to tracking the impact teachers’ teaching styles, non-academic performance etc

Built with users in mind

SchoolMo was designed with the user in mind, with active input in the design input contributed by over 6000 teachers, over 200 school administrators. We have worked with schools to ensure that SchoolMo is the essential school management solution. What’s better? SchoolMo is flexible and custom features can be added on demand.


Used by Over 6000 Teachers Worldwide


Over 8300 pupils data stored


Trusted by Over 200



Over 20 modules to choose


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